The 146.82 (Tone 110.9) and 444.50 repeaters and antenna site are located in Acre, GA on a local AM/FM Radio Station tower. The 146.82 antenna is at about 600' and 444.50 antenna is at 400'. When activated, a tone of 110.9 is used on this repeater.

The 146.70 (currently this repeater is off the air) repeater antenna is located at 260' on the Oxford Construction Co. tower located at 3200 Palmyra Rd.; Albany, GA. This repeater site is being provided as a courtesy of Kelso Gooden with Oxford Construction. The APRS W4MM-15 system with a local Digipeater is on 144.390 and is currently at this location

The 146.73 (Tone 110.9) repeater is located on the Rodd Electronics 190' tower located on 1211 N. Slappey Blvd., Albany, GA 31701. This repeater site is being provided as a courtesy by Ken Rodd with Rodd Electronics.

The 147.36 (Tone 173.8) repeater is located on the Georgia Public Broadcasting tower in Parrott, Ga. The antenna is at about 670'. This repeater belongs to WG4JOE and is sponsored by the Albany Club.

There is also a APRS system in the club's Communications Trailer, the call is W4MM-12.

The SW GA District ARES Net is held each Sunday afternoon at 4:00PM local on the 146.82 repeater.

The W4MM Monday Night Net is held each Monday night a 9:00PM on the 146.82 repeater.

Albany D-Star Repeater Information

KJ4KLD in Albany has 3 repeaters: 144.96 + 2.5 (KJ4KLD C); 440.7 + 5 (KJ4KLD B) [the space is important]; and 1249.25 (KJ4KLD A). The latter is high speed data (pictures) only and simplex, and maybe not of interest to us here just now. 


Why have the high speed data repeater?  GEMA funded the big DSTAR program so that info could be relayed.  This system, unlike any other commercially available just now, can send a good picture reliably and live from, say, an airplane to GEMA or any other 1.2 gig DD repeater in an emergency!  Imagine a flood or damage from wind.)

Gene W4AYK has established a Phoebe Putney Radio Club KK4LLV for the purpose of having a Call for the Phoebe club station and D-Star repeater.

Local Digital Net at 20:00 Local
Thursdays WB4PNB 3.585 MHZ+ 1000 on waterfall

Every Sunday except first Sun. D-Star Net 3:30 pm

Every Sunday WINLINK
Program: RMS Express/Winlink
 send ICS-213 to WX4GMA ( mailto:
 When: Sunday, Local Time: 4:00pm Winter/5:00pm Summer (2100 UTC)

Every Sunday PSK-125 TRAFFIC Net
 Protocol: PSK-125, 3.583 MHz USB
 center on 1500, Traffic net, send ICS-213 (FLDigi/FLMsg)
 When: Sunday, Local Time: 4:00pm Winter/5:00pm Summer (2100 UTC)

Each Sunday APRIL and other EVEN months - June: August: October: December
 Protocol: PSK-125, 3.583 kHz USB
 center on 1000, Check in to the net without traffic ( FLDigi )
 When: Sunday, Local Time: 4:00pm Winter/5:00pm Summer (2100 UTC)

Each Sunday in MARCH and other ODD months: May: July: September:
 Program: D-RATS
 send ICS-213 to port:
 When: Sunday, Local Time: 4:30pm Winter/5:30pm Summer (2130 UTC)

The Albany Radio Club Meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at Avalon United Methodist Church, 3018 Gillionville Rd. at 7:00 PM in the Pavilion. (Unless otherwise announced.)

President Francis Greenslade N4UWS
Vice President Zack Cook K4EAR
Secretary Leon Perrett Jr. K4GCR
Treasurer Bob Smith K4PHE

Term Expires December 31, 2022
Ned Newcomb W1EBN
Paul Serio N5PS
Ricky Burnham KM4WW
Term Expires December 31, 2023
Clyde Shamlee KN4UXG
Francis Greenslade N4UWS
Gene Clarke W4AYK
Term Expires December 31, 2024
Harold Pinson K4WHP
Zack Cook K4EAR
Neal Moseley WB4PNB

VE testing in future will be on an as need basis. Anyone needing (or knows of some one who needs) testing should contact Leon Perrett, K4GCR, or any Club Officer and they will be glad to set up a convenient time for you and the VE examiners to meet. That time will be announced 1 week in advance.

Requirements for all exams:
Picture ID; Original license; Copy of license to send with exam; Original of any CSCE.
CHECKS only made payable to ARRL-VEC (no cash) for $15.00

If you have any questions you may contact Leon K4GCR: (home) 229-405-2244